Have you ever thought about how clean your workspace is?

Did you know the average UK employee spends more than 84,171 hours of their lifetime at work?

Clean workspace
Why a Clean Workspace is so Important


1.Improved Health

Around 80% of common infections are spread by touch. By having a cleaner work space, you can prevent the spread of harmful viruses & bacteria so fewer employees will be off work sick.

2.  Good Impressions

Having a clean workspace gives a good impression to both visitors & employees. They say “the first impression is the last impression!

3. Happier Employees

Consider the amount of time your employees spend at work – it’s their second home! By keeping your office environment clean & tidy, employees will be happy, less stressed and more productive!







Premier's Top Tips for Preventing the Spread of Germs


  1. Wash your hands!
  2. Sanitise your keyboard, mouse & telephone regularly
  3. Remove clutter and keep a tidy desk
  4. If you can help it, try not to eat at your desk – crumbs are a common source of bacteria
  5. Keep the office kitchen clean
  6. Periodic deep cleans of the office washrooms
  7. Let us do the rest!




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