Hydrogen Peroxide Fogging – Workplace COVID-19 Sanitisation

Sanitization Fogging

We can sanitise and decontaminate your workplace of 99.999% bacteria to help protect your workplace and employees from Coronavirus (COVID-19) using one of the most effective forms of decontamination, used in healthcare, education, food preparation and biomedical sectors to name just a few.

Ionised Hydrogen Peroxide Fogging Technology is applicable for airborne and surface contamination control and unlike some other alternatives, we use a “dry mist” solution. This means fabrics and electrical equipment including computers are completely safe to be left in-situ while the fogging takes place.

  • Our decontamination process is proven to reliably kill 99.999% of bacteria, viruses, yeasts and fungi
  • No known microbiological resistance (2-phase product); depot effect (inhibits recontamination with germs)
  • Without scents and colorants; environmentally friendly (disintegrates 100% into water and oxygen = evaporation)
  • Used Globally
  • Ecologically Friendly

Our solution enables facilities to combat and prevent outbreaks of healthcare-associated infections.


Sanitiser Disinfectant Graph

Sanitiser Disinfectant Graph

Premier Support Services disinfectant harnesses the true, oxidising power of hydrogen peroxide by infusing it with patented oligodynamic (anti-microbial activity of minute quantities of metallic ions) technology.

During this intricate process the hydrogen peroxide is stabalised and boosted with silver ions. The result is a radical fluid architecture that is capable of destroying a broad spectrum of micro-organisms including pathogenic bacteria, viruses, yeast fungi and protozoa

MORE than just hydrogen peroxide

Our disinfectant formula contains hydrogen peroxide, which, in conjunction with other proprietary raw materials, is converted into an entirely new material.

While basic hydrogen peroxide has limited killing mechanisms, efficacy and stability; our disinfectant is a multi-mechanistic, extremely stable, broad-spectrum product.

Our disinfectant out-performs other common disinfectants

This formula is one of the most effective solutions available to protect your business and employees from virus outbreaks. Importantly and unlike chlorine-based products, our disinfectant will not damage the fabric of the building over a period of time.



We can;

  • Deploy specialist teams to decontaminate a wide range of premises, from laboratories & hospital wards to schools & offices in a fast & timely manner
  • Safely decontaminate rooms or departments in working environments without disrupting adjoining work area
  • Can work at multiple locations within a site — thus speeding up total downtime decontaminate hard-to-reach areas, leave no residues or waste; safe on electrical equipment and fabrics.

We have a dedicated help desk operating 24/7 365 days a year – giving you access to a wide range of qualified and specialist staff to help in emergencies.

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Read more about our advice for the recent Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak 

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