Apr 23, 2020 | Latest News

Many among us are already tired of the constant reminder to wash our hands, but this is just the beginning of a shift in expectations and standards.

It goes without saying that we are all looking forward to returning to normality, but we are curious how this global pandemic will shape our post-lockdown world.

Expectations in a post COVID-19 world will be very different. The overall cleanliness of both public and private property will be at the forefront of people’s concern. Perhaps the HSE may even re-visit their cleaning industry standards?

The methodology and frequency of cleaning and disinfection will become hugely important, both for business owners and employees, as people’s expectations & awareness will be vastly altered.

Travel & cleanliness expectations will usher a new lifestyle built around heightened awareness of hygiene and sanitisation. UK businesses will be forced to reconsider cleaning schedules, and readjust the ‘norm’ to maintain the spike in expectations to come.

Business Contingency

You may be thinking about this as a business during lockdown, provisioning for when you can open your doors again – but are you ready? Are you prepared for the new world?

As a company that provides commercial and industrial cleaning services, these practices are not new to us. We have been implementing these measures for many years and will continue to do so.

We must be more aware of the difference between cleaning and disinfecting. While cleaning removes visible dirt, disinfecting uses chemical products to remove germs, meaning a more effective solution to combatting COVID-19.

As the UK business owners prepare their workplaces for re-opening, they explore additional services such as sanitisation fogging, or a plan a shift in cleaning specifications with more emphasis on sanitising high touch areas and surfaces like door handles, light switches, kitchen workspaces, taps, handles to name a few.

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