Put your floor needs into professional hands

Premier Support Services has the hard floor treatment, knowledge and experience to make old and worn out floors look like new.

Floor Preparation

The most critical portion of your flooring investment is that which you will never see: the preparation. Premier have made a significant investment in floor preparation equipment. This equipment enables us to prepare any type of floor by scarification, acid etching and shot blasting.

Hard Floor Treatment

Whether it be granite, marble, terrazzo, mosaic, tile, quarry, vinyl, linoleum, thermo-plastic, parquet or polished hard wood floor, we at Premier Support Services have the expertise to make old and worn out floors look like knew.

ESD Floor Systems

On the cutting edge for facilities needing static control are the electrostatic dissipative floor coatings. These are applied much like typical epoxy flooring systems. However, they contain properties that ground all body generated static electricity.