Protect your building and equipment with high performance coatings

At Premier Support Services, our industrial painting service meets strict procurement requirements, Schedule of Works, Health and Safety Statements, Method statements, and best practice which exceeds both current legislation and building controls.

We have the experience, specialised equipment and the most qualified industrial painting workforce in the industry. Premier Support Services has established a solid reputation for quality and competitiveness, with safety being our first priority.

Industrial Painting for Protection

Your machinery, storage vessels and equipment can be preserved and protected with high performance coatings that are formulated to withstand exposure to chemicals and extreme conditions. Freshly painted surfaces also encourage employees to keep their work areas neat and clean.


A plant’s safety index rises dramatically when potential hazards are marked with pronounced safety colours. Implementing OSHA colour codes will permit employees to identify safety devices and hazards quickly. With industrial painting, you can increase the visibility inside your facility without increasing energy costs e.g. by applying light reflective coatings on ceilings and walls.