The best and safest window cleaning service across the UK

We are specialists in using water fed poles to access windows of any heights up to 65 ft (approx six floors). This method is one of the safest methods of window cleaning as it eliminates the need to work at height.

Pure Water Reach and Wash Commercial Window Cleaning

We are able to clean all your windows from the safety of the ground. We use the best Carbon and Glass fibre telescopic poles and our experienced operators are fully trained by The British Window Cleaning Academy, meaning you can feel confident about the level of professional service you will receive from Premier Staff.

The HSE has recommended that the use of water fed pole cleaning be favoured to work at height where possible. We can therefore, help you as a business owner, facilities manager or operations manager to ensure that safe working practices are
maintained on your site by your window cleaning contractors. As we are ‘Safe Contractor’ accredited, you can rest assured
that you will receive the best and safest window cleaning service across the UK.

Powered Access Techniques for Commercial Windows

Some buildings present access difficulties and need alternative solutions. In these instances we will assess the site for you and provide a recommendation of the most appropriate and safe method of window cleaning for your building, whether your requirements are for internal or external windows.

We are trained operators of scissor lifts, propelled booms, spiders and truck mounted systems to work on heights above six floors high or for windows that are difficult to access with the Reach and Wash system. We will only allow IPAF trained operators (International Powered Access Federation) to operate machinery on any commercial premises.

Traditional Window Cleaning

Traditional methods are appropriate for cleaning internal windows, ground floor cleaning and build cleans. Ladder use will be kept to an absolute minimum in all cases.

We can also access windows traditionally using cradles and harness techniques.