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These past weeks have seen a different world to that which we started in 2020. Premier Support Services are here to support both our new and existing customers when the time is right to reopen buildings and get back to business. We know hygiene is a top priority to ensure the safety of both customers and employees and we want you to be prepared and supported for the return to your working environment.

We understand that transitions back to business will vary amongst customers & industries but whilst your buildings were closed, our Premier People have been working hard to ensure we have everything prepared to support our customers.

Our ethos is to make a difference, so we’ve composed a back to business solution which encompasses a number of mitigation services that can be used either as a one off sanitisation service or as part of a continual cleaning regime to restore confidence & ensure your premises are safe and clean.

Mitigation Services

Sanitisation sensor dispensers

To reduce the number of high risk touchpoints in your building, we recommend installing fully automatic, touch free hand sanitisor dispensers.

These can be placed strategically around your building for easy access

ULV disinfectant fogging

Complementary to a pre-opening deep clean, we can sanitise your workplace of 99.999% bacteria & viruses to help protect your teams using ULV fogging.

We use ionised Hydrogen Peroxide fogging which is applicable for airborne & surface contamination control. Fabrics & electrical equipment are completely safe to be left in situ

Cleaning bottle

Provide recommended products

Our products are proven to kill 99.99% of viruses & bacteria including Coronavirus. Our favoured product Byotrol protects surfaces from bacteria for up to 24/h

Touch point cleaning

We will identify your high traffic areas and  recommend a regime that best protects your business, visitors and employees by reducing your transmission through enhanced sanitisation of door handles, keyboards, phones etc

Entry temperature checking

As an added layer of protection, we can monitor and control access to your building by reading the temperature of your employees and visitors

Vacuum Icon

Re-opening deep clean

We can provide a range of options to allow the successful, safe opening of your building or pre-cleans for safety and peace of mind for your returning workforce

Hand dryer

Shut down electric hand driers

& replace with paper products

Scientists have issued concerns that hand driers could spread the virus from users who have not been 100% successful in removing the virus by hand washing.

We recommend temporarily switching to paper products to avoid any risk of further spreading.

Enhanced cleaning schedule

We can carry out 4-step review of your risks to establish the most effective enhanced cleaning programme to control the virus spread. This assures your employees that they are returning to a safe place of work and demonstrate your commitment to their wellbeing.

Download Our Back to Business Guide

We can offer a back to business solution to help your teams feel safe when the time is right to reopen your buildings. We know hygiene is a top priority so take a look at our solution that can be tailored to you.

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